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About Us

We are a team of designers and communicators.  

We work with ambitious developers, architects, engineers, universities, not for profits, cities, and businesses who want to make a positive social, cultural or ecological impact.  

We build up organizational brands, develop websites, and tell compelling stories.

We create public spaces, masterplans, and development concepts that generate excitement and marketing materials that clearly explain the vision.




we are an urban design, practice building, place making, and research studio. 


we amplify the purpose of organizations and elevate the aspirations of cities.


We believe in the importance of well-crafted, approachable, and memorable design solutions that are pragmatic, socially and ecologically integrative.

We are committed to the design of vibrant and productive spaces and to communicating ideas with clarity, rigor and style. We are invested in collaboration as a means to create positive social, cultural, and economic impacts by building teams of collaborators, experts and community stakeholders who work together from the beginning of the project. We believe that the public should be proud of their common spaces and eager to spend time in them together.


we are A branding GROUP tailored to the design and Development industries.

Our team of designers and communicators has deep expertise in the planning, architecture, landscape architecture, design and development industries. This background gives us inherent insights into the means and methods of your work and a unique understanding of how to communicate industry jargon. We understand how you think, because its how we think too.  


We guide our clients through the process of telling their story and adding value to their brand by constructing a legible organizational identity, curating marketing materials, or developing their new website.




Get in touch

If you are an ambitious developer, architect, planner, engineer, university, nonprofit, or city leader who wants to make a positive social, cultural or ecological impact we would love to discuss your idea. 


WE are a design firm  driven to elevate and communicate speculative ambitions.

We selectively partner with planning and development professionals to design award winning public spaces, create progressive master plans, and envision unique development concepts.  We love the challenge of working on high impact projects whose success is tied to how well the idea connects with people. 


As a branding firm we understand the power of a legible idea, a bold identity, and clear communication. We bake that way of thinking right into the design process so that our clients can always be armed with the resources they need to advance their project. 


we have over 30 years of Professional leadership in the architecture, landscape architecture, digital and print media industries.

Joe Sisko


Joe is an urban designer, architectural educator, and brand creator who leverages visual communication to facilitate positive and sustainable organizational growth or community impact.  He is responsible for the firms overall strategic goals and business development as well as creative direction and management. He teaches urban design, advanced media, and architecture at the undergraduate and graduate levels as an adjunct professor of architecture at the Syracuse University School of Architecture.  Prior to founding LOCUS he was the Assistant Director of UPSTATE: at the Syracuse University SOA where he initiated and managed the institute’s public space, master planning and research projects from concept through public engagement and into implementation.




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Erie Canal Museum

O Yoga Studio

Syracuse Downtown BID

WCNY, Public Broadcasting

Syracuse Stage

Munly Brown Studio

Home Headquarters

Pioneer Companies

Longley Jones Management Corporation

Greater Syracuse H.O.P.E.

EDR Companies

Ashley McGraw Architects

The Dietz Lantern Factory

City of Rome, Ny

Mohawk valley EDGE, Economic Development corporation

Maxian + Horst  Landscape Architects

Davis wallbridge construction

Le Moyne University Madden Business School

CLEAR Landscape Architecture

City of Syracuse

Syracuse University School of Architecture

Onondaga County Planning Agency

Center for Community Alternatives

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